The Scientific Adventures of Pear

A cute robot slice-of-life comic


About the Comic
The Scientific Adventures of Pear is an episodic, slice-of-life comedy series following the mis-adventures of an adorable little robot named Pear, along with all of its human and robot buddies! The comic currently updates every week on Thursday. The main site is kept two updates ahead of all mirrors, so if you want to read the latest page, go check it out!

About the Author

kzuich is a comic artist based out of Houston, Texas. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter if you like her art.

Supplies used
-Copic Multiliner/SP pens
-Zig Fudegokochi brush pens
-Holbein Artists' Gouache (for white highlights, touchups, etc) applied with dip pens
-Copic Markers for color illustration
-Deleter Kent Paper (A4 and B4 size)